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Since 1991, we have pioneered the field of health leadership by training, supporting, and coaching leaders to transform their communities into healthier places to live, work, and play.


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National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health


Since 2011, NLAPH has provided training to four-person multi-sector teams from across the country to advance their leadership skills and achieve health equity in their community. Funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the one-year program uses an experiential learning process that includes webinars, a multi-day retreat, coaching support, peer networking, and an applied health leadership project.

California Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health


CaLAPH trains teams across California to address social determinants of health and to work towards health in all policies in their community.

California Opioid Safety Network


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We are always looking to identify potential coaches who stretch our thinking and bring varied experience and assets to our leadership work...

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CHLP’s impact can be seen both via formal evaluation and the ongoing work of our alumni teams…



Announcement: California Opioid Safety Network

The California Opioid Safety Network Coalition Accelerator RFP is now available! Also, we are recruiting AmeriCorps VISTA members and leaders. Find out more on the Coalition Network page.



NLAPH Cohort 7 / 2018 Applications Now Available

NLAPH is recruiting for our 2018 cohort. Find out more about NLAPH and how to apply by visiting the NLAPH program page!


NLAPH Teams in Disaster Areas

CHLP once again felt the need to reach out to past and current NLAPH teams believed to be in areas of the country and U.S. territories affected by disasters, the most recent of which being Hurricane Maria and the events in Las Vegas. Our note and some recent communications from fellows and alumni appear below.

Excerpt from CHLP's October 3 communication:

"We were happy to hear from a couple of our fellows in Puerto Rico that they were safe, but we were saddened to hear confirmation of the devastation wrought by this last hurricane so close on the heels of the first, and the major lack of basic resources. If you are in, from, or otherwise connected to Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands, we hope you, your loved ones, and your community receive the help and support needed to recover from this incredible disaster. If you have connections to other disaster areas or were affected by this latest tragedy in Las Vegas, we hope your loved ones are also safe and getting what they need to recover. In the meantime, please know we are thinking of you all and are working to do our part to help."

Here is some of what we have heard from fellows in the last few days:

"...[E]l pais esta pasando por un momento sumamente dificil. Mi familia y yo pasamos el Huracan en Isabela y...pude subir a SJ y por primera vez desde el huracan que tengo comunicacion en esta area. Esto es un evento sumamente doloroso para todos los boricuas. En Isabela no hay comunicacion excepto algunas areas bien de hay electricidad [y] las filas para el agua son larguisimas...5.5 horas para entrar al banco y solo me dejaron sacar muy poco...[T]odo se paga cash porque los sistemas colapsaron. La fila de la gasolina puede ser hasta de 24hrs. Para entrar a walmart nos entran de 50 personas y es buscar lo que necesitamos e irnos.Todos los articulos son racionados. Casi nadie a podido reportarce a los trabajos ni comunicarce. Hay pueblos completamente incomunicados....La preocupacion es inmensa. Pero el pueblo se ha unido y nos estamos ayudando entre vecinos en la medida posible. El puertorriqueño es fuerte y vamos a salir de esta situacion con fe y esperanza." - J.C. in Isabela, Puerto Rico 

[English translation: "...[T]he country is going through some very dificult times. My family and I waiting out the hurricane in Isabela and...I was able to go up to SJ (San Juan) and for the first time since the hurricane, I was able to access communications. This is a very painful moment for all the Puerto Ricans. In Isabela, there is no access to communications except for a few areas well into the night...there is no electricity and the lines for water are incredibly long...5.5 hours to enter the bank and they only allowed me to withdraw a small amount...Everything has to be paid in cash since all the systems are down. The lines for gas can result in up to a 24-hour wait. To enter the Walmart, we are limited to a group of 50 people and you can only get the bare necessities before having to leave. Everything is being rationed. Almost no one is able to report for work or get in touch with anyone. The towns are completely isolated right now and there is a huge amount of stress. But the country has come together and we are helping one another--neighbor to neighbor--as much as we can. The Puerto Ricans are strong and we are going to get through this situation with faith and hope." - J.C. in Isabela, Puerto Rico]

"...El país ha comenzado a experimentar una de las situaciones más difíciles en la historia del país. Yo estoy fuera de PR en un viaje del cual debo de el aeropuerto comienza a funcionar. El país está en totalidad sin energía eléctrica  y muy poca comunicación de teléfono y celular. Gracias a Dios mi familia y muchas amistades dentro de todo bien , pese a la destrucción casi total del país. Yo estoy con mucha ansiedad por llegar a PR, para ver mi familia y verificar mi apartamento q es en San Juan, donde se q se dañaron muchos de mi condominio...- L.R. in San Juan, Puerto Rico

[English translation: The country has begun one of the most difficult situations in our history. I am travelling outside of Puerto Rico and should be on my way back...once the airport is functioning. The country is entirely without electricity and very limited telephone or cellular communications. Thank God my family and many of my friends there are okay, despite the nearly complete destruction of the country. I am very anxious to get to Puerto Rico, to see my family, and see how my apartment in San Juan did, since there was a lot of damange to the building..." - L.R. in San Juan, Puerto Rico]

Excerpt from CHLP's September 8 communication:

"We know your lives are impacted by these seemingly unending natural disasters, but we also know you are working to help your communities recover and keep them safe. Please know we hope you and yours are also being taken care of and that you are in our hearts."

Responses from current and past fellows:

"Thanks for asking about our current situation, we are safe things were not as bad as expected. Right now many of us are working hard to give our brothers from Virgin Islands all our best to help them out." D.D. in Guayama, Puerto Rico

"Thanks for your email. In PR things were not as bad as expected. Today, we are back to work and things are coming back to normal. There are still areas with no power, water, and/or internet. But everything else is OK." - J.I.R. in San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

"Thank you for your message. Thanks God all are fine for me, my family and the mayority for all PR residents. I hope all in the Island recovery the normal life soon. Thank you so much..." - L.A.R.A. in San Juan, Puerto Rico

"Thank you so much for the kind words. Most of our work in Louisiana was assisting our Texas neighbors. We had some impact to the western part of our state but were glad to assist so many from East Texas eith sheltering and healthcare needs. Thanks for your prayers and warm thoughts. Our hearts and prayers are now with [those] still struggling in Texas and with Florida and the east coast for Irma. Be well..." - K.A. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"Thanks so much for the sweet email. Everyone from the office is ok. We are all very lucky , just a bit uncomfortable at the time . We can't complain." - N.G. in Carlina, Puerto Rico

"Muchas gracias!" / "Thank you!" - various

"Muchas gracias! We are safe after a very intense time! No electricity but bright..." - E. P. in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

"Thanks all!...We're all on a dead run...But we'll come out in a bit and be back to form." - D. P. in Houston, Texas

"So very grateful for your heartfelt concern.  We are working feverishly to have our students and staff return to a 'new' normal next week." - G. J. in Houston, Texas

" Hi All! Thanks for asking, we're good and safe, (my family and I). We live in the north west of P.R. (Isabela). Here we only receive wind and rain but there were not damages, thanks to God. Previous…to the hurricane, I helped my supplements (water and other stuff), keep safe the pets, and…put storm shutters to the windows. Today, after everything had passed I helped in clean the surroundings of the house. At the moment we don't have water and electricity, at least in this area, but we're good..." - J.C.F. in Isabela, Puerto Rico

“Thanks so much for your lovely note.  We have been talking with our family and our research staff in Puerto Rico and all are fine.  Fortunately, the storm had a turn north and rather than passing about 10 miles north of Puerto Rico it passed at about 60 miles, reducing significantly the winds and rain that hit the main islands. About 70% of the island is without power or water but it will hopefully be restored in the next couple of days.  Culebra, the smaller island to the east suffered quite a bit of damage, but fortunately, no loss of life.  Looks like Virgin Islands (St Thomas) was hit very hard as well as Barbuda. It means a lot to us your thoughts and best wishes…” – J.C. in Athens, Georgia

“Thank you so much for your kind words and support. It means a lot!” – S.P.Q. in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

“Thanks Karya & team!!  I/we appreciate your note!” – P.K. in Savannah, Georgia

“Thanks, Karya, for your thoughts.  It does seem like every part of the country is being impacted by nature these past couple of weeks!  We're watching Irma with a close eye while some of our team members are filling sandbags and ensuring clients are safe at home with what they need. We'll get through this!”  - K.P. in Oviedo, Florida


Congratulations, California Leadership Academy for the Public's Health (CaLAPH) Fellows!

CaLAPH's Cohort 3 (2016-2017) as just concluded. Congratulations to our fellows from Imperial County, Long Beach and Sonoma County! 


NLAPH Issue Briefs

Three issue briefs on the impact of the National Leadership Academy for the Public’s Health (NLAPH) which focus on policy, cross sector leadership, and systems change have just been released. Read more...



For an overview of the NLAPH program please watch this informational webinar, "Realizing the Collective Conscious: Innovation Model for Multi-Sector Leadership Development for the Public's Health" that was produced by the Leadership Learning Community.