Building & Measuring Community Power for Health Justice (Non-CHLP)

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June 24, 2020
11am PDT/ 12pm MDT / 1pm CDT / 2pm EDT

Building community power is increasingly recognized as a valuable and necessary strategy to improve health justice and racial equity, with both immediate and long-term results. However, there is limited research or documentation of authentic discussions on the definitions, nuances, and front-line measurement of building power. In the fall of 2017, The Praxis Project hosted five learning circles with some of the nation’s most impactful grassroots community organizers to engage in deep reflection and discussion about building and measuring power. The Measuring the Impact of Building Community Power for Health Justice: What? Why? And How? brief provides a summary of the Praxis Project's discussions and recommendations, and the webinar invites you to hear directly from organizers.
Join this webinar to discuss: 

  • What is community power?
  • How do grassroots organizations build power within their communities?
  • Considerations for evaluating power from a public health approach.