More Retreat Prep Activities

  1. Community Dinner Meal Survey: Please complete the meal survey for the community dinner that will be held during the retreat by this Friday, April 13. 
  2. Photo Release: Please complete and return the 2018 NLAPH / CaLAPH Retreat Photo Release to by Wednesday, April 18.
  3. Reflect on the following questions with your team: (a) What does my team think will be most valuable to learn as we begin the CaLAPH journey?; and (b) What does my team need to do to maximize the benefit we get from this gathering?
  4. Prepare a team introduction: Please talk with your team to prepare an introduction of yourselves to present at the retreat. Your team introduction should be approximately 10-minutes in length.
  5. Explore optional resources: See "Core CaLAPH Pgm Docs + Retreat..." on the CaLAPH Program Documents page.