Nebraska Panhandle Physical Activity, Nutrition and Breastfeeding Promotion - Panhandle, NE (Cohort 1 - 2012)

Team Members

  • Boni Carrell
  • Sandra Roes
  • Jeff Tracy

Team Overview

The project will address obesity, a top priority identified by local public health departments. The project’s logic model proposes numerous strategies including:

  • Enhancing policies and support for access to physical activities in schools and worksites
  • Developing provider education materials
  • Ensuring access to healthy foods
  • Supporting breastfeeding in the workplace
  • Increasing the number of peer and professional support programs
  • Increasing the number of healthcare providers supporting breastfeeding
  • Identifying and sharing evidence-based interventions that promote healthy weight
  • Practicing primary prevention of obesity using the Spectrum of Prevention framework


Team Documents