Lenawee Health Network - Lenawee County, MI (Cohort 2 - 2013)

Team Members

  • Amy Palmer
  • Anne Barton
  • Patricia Bourgeois
  • Kathryn Szewczuk
  • Christine MacNaughton
  • Sue Lewis

Team Overview

The project will continue to implement the three-year strategic plan for the Lewanee Health Network which seeks to engage residents and encourage adoption of behaviors that reduce risk factors for chronic diseases. The team will identify best-practice programs currently underway in the county, state, and nation. The project seeks to: 

  • Increase healthy eating, physical activity, access to information on healthy food and exercise options, and access to health coverage
  • Decrease tobacco, alcohol, and illegal or inappropriate substance abuse use; risky sexual behavior among youth; bullying; and suicide ideation

Team Documents