Healthy Living Collaborative [community based prevention pilot] - Clark, Cowlitz & Wahkiakum Counties, WA (Cohort 3 - 2014)

Team Members

  • Tricia Mortell
  • Robbi Norman
  • Andy Silver
  • Molly Haynes

Team Overview

The Healthy Living Collaborative aims to recruit and support teams of community health workers in specific targeted neighborhoods. They plan to form a regional network of members who practice the Community Health Workforce (CHW) skill set and provide backbone support in order to: 1) increase individual participation in managing health and wellness; 2) develop stronger systemic connections; 3) reduce emergency room usage and 'no show' rates at doctors’ visits; 4) increase neighborhood opportunities for physical activity, healthy eating and substance free living; 5) increase healthy behavior; and 6) decrease unhealthy behavior among community health workers.

Team Documents