Future Generations Collaborative - Multnomah County, OR (Cohort 2 - 2013)

Team Members

  • Donita Fry 
  • Charmaine Kinney 
  • Heather Heater 
  • Harmony Paul

Team Overview

FGC aims to repair relationships between Native and non-Native entities, particularly government; facilitate the creation of culturally-specific interventions; and promote healthy pregnancies in AI/AN peoples. They will do this by using a community-based participatory planning process that acknowledges historic injustices, integrates Native beliefs and culture, and invites leadership, input, and participation from Native community members. The main output of this project is a culturally-relevant community action plan that would promote healthy pregnancies among AI/ANs. The proposed approach will vastly increase community capacity by supporting Native leadership in health promotion planning to address social determinants and health disparities, as well as facilitate systems change.

Team Documents