Fulton County Asthma Coalition - Fulton County, GA (Cohort 1 - 2012)

Team Members

  • Nazeera Dawood
  • Robert Harwood
  • Morton Galina
  • Hogai Nassery

Team Overview

The project seeks to build the Asthma Coalition of Fulton County and play a major role in planning, coordinating, and implementing a community health needs assessment. The Fulton Asthma Improvement and Reduction program is a collaborative effort to improve the health and quality of life for those affected by asthma through implementation of evidence-based practices and systems changes. Components include:

  • Identifying state, county, municipal, and community-based agencies with missions that support asthma control efforts
  • Conducting an assessment of potential partners
  • Identifying an entity to convene a county collaborative
  • Recruiting potential partners for coalition membership
  • Convening a kick-off meeting
  • Developing an coalition organizational structure and establishing functional committees
  • Creating an operation plan
  • Establishing collaborative agreements
  • Developing a strategic plan

Team Documents