March 19, 2013Raising Up the Next Generation of Public Sector Leaders (Non-CHLP)Webinar

A webinar from the Leadership Learning Community 

March 13, 2013Food Policy Councils: Improving Healthy Food Retail in a City (Non-CHLP)Webinar

Food policy councils are shaping the healthy food environment in cities across the country. Join us for an in-depth tour of the successful Los Angeles Food Policy Council. Plus, learn about efforts in other cities across the US. 

February 27, 2013Transforming Power and Privilege: A 21st Century Leadership Competency (Non-CHLP)Webinar

From the Leadereship Learning Community ( This webinar examines how power and privilege manifest in leaders working in the social sector and in community, and the necessary competencies for actualizing power toward community well-being and liberation. 

February 19, 2013Cities, Schools, and Community Partners: Working Together for Healthy Summers (Non-CHLP)Webinar

Cities, Schools, and Community Partners: Working Together for Healthy Summers 

February 13, 2013Blogging for Health: Best Practices (Non-CHLP)Webinar

Blogs are a great tool that can be used not only for raising awareness and increasing engagement around your organization’s goals, for directly communicating to the people you serve and sharing their stories, but also as a vital space where they can gather, raise their own voices, and connect around the issues they care most about.